What is Body Lotion

What is Body Lotion

Body Lotion Body lotion is a lotion that has many properties.It has a lower viscosity than other body creams , which allows the skin to absorb it quickly.This type of moisturizer has a high water content and is used for low-dry or oily skin. [1] Know the lotion appropriate for the skin There are several tips to follow to find the right lotion for each skin. Here are some tips: [2] Avoid low quality products, or unknown brands, they are usually advertising products. Products with cocoa, or shea butter can be tried for skin with cellulite or stretching. Be careful not to use moisturizers or creams that contain dyes,

as they are harmful to the skin. It is best to use products that contain herbal substances, although their results appear after a longer period, they do not have any side effects, and obtaining satisfactory results is certain. You can use aromatic products that contain roses, and the smell of sandalwood, these products moisturize the skin and give it a beautiful smell.

When buying sunscreen products, make sure they are suitable for your skin type before using them. Use night creams to moisturize the skin and make it softer. You should read all the components of the publication on the product before buying it, and preferably try a small sample of it before buying. Note: It is important to identify the skin type to choose the appropriate, by applying a paper towel on it for 3-4 hours after bathing.If there is oil on the towel, it means that the skin is oily, but if the tissue is dry, it means that the skin Dry. Damage to the use of lotion on the face There are several reasons that prevent the use of lotion on the face, including the

following: [3] The body lotion can cause acne, because it clogs the pores of the facial skin, and applying any product on the face can cause dust and dirt to build up if not washed properly. The body lotion contains a large amount of substances for normal creams, and since the facial skin is regenerated much more than the restoration of the skin for the rest of the body, because it is exposed to more environmental factors than the rest of the body, the use of lotion on the face leads to damage to the renewed cells in the face. The use of body lotion on the face may cause allergic reactions to the skin of the face, because of the thinness of this skin, chemicals used in lotions lotions are very strong, and may damage the sensitive skin. Prepare a home lotion Ingredients The skin lotion can be prepared from natural ingredients in a natural way by following these steps: [4] A quarter cup of water. Four teaspoons of bentonite.

Four teaspoons of baking carbonate. Half a tablespoon to a tablespoon of salt. Ten to fifteen drops of tea tree oil or other essential oil, such as lavender or chamomile, or a combination between them. Half a teaspoon of glycerin, as needed. How to prepare The lotion is prepared by following the following steps: [4] Mix baking bicarbonate, bentonite, and salt in a small bowl. Add water, stirring until the cheese starts to form. Add essential oils and glycerin to the dough. Stir until well mixed, and store in a sealed glass container.

This mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. When used, take a teaspoon of the mixture, and add an appropriate amount of liquid substances to it, until a lotion is formed for the body.

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