How to hide the imperfections of my face

How to hide the imperfections of my face

care of it Knowing the type of skin is one of the most important things that help to conceal its imperfections, so you must determine the skin type, and then choose the right products for them, to avoid irritation, taking care to remove makeup at night, to avoid the accumulation of makeup and dirt, which clog pores, [1 ] must also maintain a clean skin and moist, before placing any kind of make – up on,

all skin types need cleaning and moisturizing, even oily skin, taking care to choose the type of humidifier and lye appropriate for the type of skin. [2] Highlight the beauty of the eyes and lips Applying dark makeup on the eyes and identifying lips is one of the best ways to draw attention to skin imperfections, so it is advised to pay attention to the beauty of the eyes and lips so as not to focus on blemishes only.

Use concealer Can be used Alkoncelr to hide skin imperfections, and is available in liquid or cream, or pen, and is available in a variety of grades to suit all skin colors, Alkoncelr is the best option to hide the discoloration of the skin, scars resulting from grain , it is worth mentioning that care must be taken Choose the right color for your natural skin tone, use a brush while applying it to the face, and apply a light layer of it only to the skin. [3] Use color correctors Color corrector is used to hide the skin tone of light, severe, they work to unify the skin color, and be in different colors, including: green, yellow, lavender, where each color works to cover a certain degree, it is worth noting that it is applied before the concealer,

or foundation . [3] Use foundation cream Foundation cream is in the form of cream or powder, or liquid, and works on the comprehensive coverage of the face , and must be careful to choose the appropriate color and the corresponding color of the skin, and the color can be tested by applying it to the palate or jaw, to make sure that it is suitable for the entire skin color, it is worth mentioning that the application The tip of the finger gives heavier coverage, and the make-up brush is used to cover the lighter.

How to take care of the skin of your face

Protect your skin from the sun Protecting facial skin from the sun is one of the most important things to do, because nearly 80% of the effects of aging on the skin are caused by exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays. It is worth mentioning that the American Academy of Dermatology recommends the use of sun protection cream On a daily basis so that the protection factor is not less than 30. [1] You should also reduce the time spent in the sun, especially between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in addition to wearing protective clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts, a wide-brimmed hat, the use of facial moisturizers, and creams that contain a percentage of Harmful sunlight. [1] Gently care skin Daily cleansing and shaving can affect facial skin

so care should be taken gently by: [2] Reduce the long bath time, and avoid bathing in hot water, as this removes oils from the skin, so it is recommended to shower with warm water instead of too hot. Shave facial hair toward hair growth, put cream or lotion before shaving, use clean and sharp razor. Avoid using strong soaps and detergents, which can remove oils from the skin, and use mild lotions instead. Skin should be moisturized if it is dry with the type of moisturizer that suits it, and choose a type that contains a percentage of sunscreen if used daily. A healthy diet A healthy diet maintains a better skin shape and appearance, and drinking plenty of water helps keep the skin moist, so it is recommended to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. It is worth mentioning that there is no clear relationship between diet and acne, but some research suggests that a diet full of fish oil or fish oil supplements,

low unhealthy fats, and processed or refined carbohydrates make the skin look younger . [2] . Avoid rubbing facial skin It is advised to gently pat the skin thoroughly, as it should be washed in gentle circular motions, distribute the lotion from the bottom of the neck area, upwards in light gestures, avoid rubbing, and pull the skin firmly, as too much pressure on the skin may add a temporary pink color to the skin, but it may damage Capillaries, long-term affects the appearance of the skin.

[3] Reduce sugar intake Diet should be low in sugar, because eating sugar leads to damage to the skin, and increase the appearance of the effects of aging, because it works to provoke free radicals, which leads to the emergence of infections, and damage to cells, and reduce sugar levels help To maintain insulin levels as well, allowing cells to maintain a healthy overall body balance.

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