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Thailand Lottery Result 01-01-2022 Today Live Win Thai Lottery

Thailand Lottery Result Today 1st January 2022 Winners

Thai lottery today result 16th December 2021, Thai government lottery results will be declared today at 02:30 PM. Thailand’s official national lottery is organized by the government lottery office. 28% of lottery profits use in state affairs that’s why it is stated earning posture as government lottery office. Around 67 million Thai people play the Thailand government lottery. They spend 76 billion baht(US$2.3b) on every Thai lottery draw.


The formula that we are going to share with you to win the Thai lottery is not 100% confirmed. It is very decent, simple, and rewarding in the formula. With this formula, any Thai lottery player can easily get valuable and accurate numbers for the next Thai lottery draw. We are also going to share Thai lottery lucky numbers with you. Personally, I guarantee you that you are going to win the lucky numbers of the Thai lottery draw if you follow our instructions gradually. Follow my official website With every draw and we will make sure your win in thailottery result.

Thai Lottery Result 16-11-2021

Thailand Lottery 3up Tips
Thai lottery 3up Digits Tips and Magic Formulas For 16th December 2021:

Thai lottery result is ready to come and if you are a lottery Thai result game lover, you should search for Thai lottery 3up range components to approach the Thai lottery end result on  01-01-2022. You are in the right place, here we are approximately giving you Thai Lotto tips. And we will help you to win the Thailand lottery result today draw on 1st January 2022. Thai lottery online result is focusing on ordinary games who continuously play and observe our Global Elegance site . Any participation Who needs to remain updated about Thai lottery results, Thai lottery tips, and cutting-edge guidelines should be connected with our site.

We have an experts team who is always on the watchlist of approximately all lotteries within the world such as Sambad, countrywide, prize Bonds, national lottery, lunchtime, tea time, and uk49s. However, the Thai lottery is our first priority.

Thai Lottery OK  Win Tip with 3up and Magic Formula

Hindi Style lottery free section You are going to observe some professional blog Thai lottery king you will reach lottery Thai. Lottery Thai is very on the platform for this reason that after visiting This website, You will be able to get all the Thai lottery VIP guidelines for the upcoming draw 01-01-2022. Honestly, this formulation offers assists out to win the Thai lottery end results. You probably know that each draw has unique hand points that help any Thai lottery player to win the prizes. If you also want to win the lottery thai result Then follow the lottery recommendations.

Thai Lottery VIP Tips Hold Winning:

Thai lottery tips are the best news 8 a lot of players because with these steps they are capable of getting the Thai lottery VIP tips 2021. I am 95% sure that if you use these Thailand Lottery tips formula primarily based Thai lottery free tipsYou will win at least 4  Thai lottery lucky numbers. You will also win the final draw of Lotto sports. Nowadays regularly update the Thai lottery tips section and update accurate win pointers formulas articles on our website. Today we have discussed VIP Lotto tepa and other related formulas of winning the Thai lottery.

Thai lottery Facebook 3up Formulas:

I am advising you and we are here to tell you about Thai lottery Facebook real magic tips, Thai lottery Triumphing variety, and a Thai lottery 3up trick for 01-01-2022. Every thailottery recreation lover admires to win a prize in Thai lottery results. So you have to be aware of which Fortunate range has a good way to win Thai lottery result on 16th d December 2021. Thai lottery tips 3up variety system requirements are very crucial to get excellent Thai Lotto winning numbers. So we brought for you the whole image of 3up formula pointers For the Thailand Lottery and the Thai lottery result that is coming on 16th December 2021.

Thai Lottery 3up Winning Formulas:

This is the Thai lottery tips and result paragraph for the upcoming Thai lottery and result 01-01-2022. Today we are going to replace all Thai lottery VIP tips 3up triumphing Suggestions and lottery Thai variety charts Parul game Who needs to win the live lottery end result. In this section of the article, You are going to get accurate entire records approximately 3up Thai lottery magic tips, Lottery pointers, and 3up end results. You know the Thailand Lottery announced the final result on the two instances one month. Before moving forward to the final Thai lottery sure number results VR provides all hands and Thai lottery paper formulas due to the fact those 3up guidelines work only earlier than a result. It is a good time for you to choose to visit our website. Thai lottery 3ap guidelines and check the modern Thai lottery 3up result chart on 01-01-2022.

Thai Lottery Legalized:

Thai lottery can be legalized in only two forms, gambling permitted in Thailand Other being horse racing in Bangkok. There is one thing that I want to add to this it is a legal form of gambling in Thailand. The Thai lottery payout ratio is 60%. Originally it is a Thai government lottery so it is enacted with the government lottery office. So it is clear that it is OK by default with the Thai state GLO act.

Thai Lottery Ticket Fix Price:

These days government has fixed a lottery ticket by 80 baht(Thai Currency) And it will not exceed more than the fixed price. Single tickets are not sold so you can buy tickets in pairs. each individual ticket’s fixed price is 80 baht And the ticket pair at 160 baht.

Thai Lottery History:

I am sharing a little history of a lottery with you.  The first lottery draw was held in 1868. The Thai lottery was introduced on the occasion of king Chulalongkorn’s birthday. The king granted the real Bodyguard department permission to operate a lottery and appointed an English man named Mr alabaster to be the director of the lottery office to operate a European-styled lottery.

Who Play More Thai Lottery?????

In Gender wise comparison of the Thai lottery players, we can surely say that females play the Thai lottery more than males.

Thai Lottery Ticket Wholesaler To Retail Vendor:

The government lottery office sold tickets to national wholesalers, commonly known as brokers. Brokers also sold to 14760 retail vendors who directly sold to consumers. As part of a scheme to reduce the high price of lottery tickets, Thai lottery vendors will be able to purchase Thai lottery tickets directly from GLO. Direct purchase is available only through Krung Thai Bank.

First, vendors must register with the GLO and open bank accounts so they can receive payment. The new arrangement will take effect on 16 October 2165. Vendors may purchase 5-50 books at 70.40 baht for a pair of tickets. Each book contains 100 pairs of tickets. We’re not sure if the reduction goes far enough.

Thai Lottery Five Tigers Myth

The new scheme will result in an increase of 7-8 million lottery tickets for sale. Thailand’s public blamed brokers, so-called “five tigers” (since tigers only “eat and sleep”) for monopolizing the lottery trade and overpricing problems. No attempt was made by the GLO to dispel this myth, which held that five groups controlled the distribution of government lottery tickets to local vendors all over the country.

Thai Government Lottery Tickets:

The results show that the Thai public was misled about the existence of the “five tigers,” when in fact there are many more than five, and the biggest one of all is the GLO Foundation, a mechanism designed to monitor charitable donations. Twenty-two million or 30.7% of the 74 million Thai Government Lottery tickets printed since 2164 have been allocated to 10 organizations. GLO Foundation receives the most tickets, with a fixed quota of 9,213,500.

Prize Quantity Value ( Baht )
16th 16 Number 6,000,000
2nd 05 Numbers 200,000
3rd 10 Numbers 80,000
4th 50 Numbers 40,000
5th 100 20,000
Extra Prizes that is Related and the Numbers are Closest to 16th Prize 2 100,000
in First 3 Digits: Draw 02 Times 2000 4,000
In Last Three Digits: Draw 02 Times 2000 4000
In Two Digits: Draw 1 Times 10000 2000
Thai Lottery Types:

There are two types of Thai lottery tickets. The first is the Thai Government Lottery (TGL). The second is a Thai Charity Lottery (TCL) ticket. These titles are printed at the upper left corner of each ticket.

Thai Lottery Winning Prizes Of (TCL) and (TGL)

The Thai Government Lottery (TGL) first prize is 6 Million Baht, while the Bonus prize is 30 Million Baht, but the Bonus prize was eliminated on August 1, 2165, and the Thai Charity Lottery (TCL)first prize is 3 Million Baht. The tax ratio on TGL and TCL is 0.5% and 1%, respectively. There is a consolation prize of 50,000 baht for the six-digit winning number plus or minus one, and the third prize of 40,000 baht for the third prize.

Thai Lottery 2021 Claiming of Prize Money:

Please bring the following 8th documents to claim the prize.

Winning Lottery Ticket With Your Signature On the Back Of Lottery Ticket
Your Valid Identification Card.
Prize Claiming Duration
5 Minutes: General Inquiry
15 Minutes: Claim Prizes ( Not More than 10 Tickets )
30 Minutes: Claim the First Prize ( For 1 Ticket ),
48 Minutes: Claim Prizes ( Not More than 1000 Tickets)
2 Hours: Claim Prizes ( Not More than 2500 Tickets)

Note: Physically-Challenged Person May Receive the Service At a Counter With Disability Sign

Thai Lottery Live Televised And Confirm Result Timings:

In 2166, the draw was also simulcast live on Tahirih TV starting at 14:00 on the first and sixteenth of every month on NBT and 14:30 on Spring News. Just before 16:00, the winning numbers are announced. The results are posted on the Government Lottery Office website.

Important Note For Thai Ticket Holders For Claiming Prize:

The prizes must be claimed within two years of the draw. If it is past due, the state will receive it as state revenue. Lottery retail vendors pay cash prizes of 20,000 baht and charge a commission of 1 or 2 percent on gross winnings. For prizes over 20,000 baht, the winning ticket must be presented in person at the government lottery office in Nonthaburi to receive a cheque.

Thai Lottery Claim Prize Period

Lottery winners have 10 years to claim their prize. The prize is past due. We will pay it as state revenue.

Thai Government Tax Percentage:

The first is. As we acknowledge the Thai lottery briefly, we need to keep in mind that prize winners must pay withholding tax at a ratio of 0.50% on the Thai Government Lottery and 1% on the Thai Charity Lottery. The Thai Government requests a division of the revenue and percentage allocated.

Thai Lottery GLO Act:

In accordance with the act creating the GLO, proceeds from the sale of lottery tickets shall be allocated as follows:

As prizes, 60%.
At least 28% of state revenue should come to the state.
In total, not more than 12% should be devoted to administration, including sales costs: 9% for sales and 3% for administration.

Thai Lottery Charity Funds

Thai lottery generates 4 Million Baht every year for the Thai Red Cross charity.


GLO is also a member of the World Lottery Association (WLA), as well as the Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA).

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