Symptoms of melasma

Symptoms of melasma

Melasma The problem of costs is a common problem and the problems that plague many people , especially women, with 90% of those infected Elv are women, and shows the costs in the form of dark spots, change in skin color, sometimes appear in pregnant women during the middle and last months of pregnancy . [1] [2] Symptoms of melasma Melasma appears as dark spots in relation to the natural color of the skin.

These spots are often in the face, and can appear in other parts of the body, especially those exposed to the sun.It may appear on the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, neck, and shoulder. . Melasma does not cause health problems, but its appearance on the skin calls for a dermatologist for treatment. [2] Causes of melasma The reasons for the appearance of melasma are not yet clear, and these are some of the reasons for its appearance: [2] During pregnancy, many women suffer from melasma due to the increased secretion of hormones in pregnancy. Exposure to sunlight. Ultraviolet radiation affects the cells responsible for pigmentation (Melanocytes).

Pills; they contain estrogen or progesterone . Tension and anxiety, which also permanently increases hormone secretion and melasma. Hormonal treatments, such as thyroid treatments . People with brown skin are more likely to have melasma than light skin. Treatment of melasma If you know the cause of melasma in women can be better treated, if the cause of melasma is pregnancy or birth control pills often will disappear after birth, or stop using the pill, and women can use some moisturizing creams in pregnancy to reduce the appearance Melasma or help in the disappearance of her skin, but if there is another reason for the appearance of melasma, there are different treatments for it. [2] Treatment of melasma with drugs Hydroquinone cream and sunscreen: Hydroquinone cream is used to lighten dark spots on the skin, including melasma spots.

It is best to test the cream on a small part of the skin before you start using it to avoid allergies. You should also consult your doctor before applying any of these medications. [3] Chemical peeling treatment Hyperpigmentation is a difficult condition to deal with, and successful treatment requires a continuous and multi-pronged strategy.And some types of melasma can be treated with superficial or medium peeling, especially in cases of hyperpigmentation after infections caused by acne and scars.Peeling should be done by a competent and reliable doctor. [4] Laser melasma treatment Laser treatment for deep melasma is used in the skin, and there are laser treatments of various types and uses according to the need determined by the attending physician. [4] But laser melasma treatment shows temporary results because it is not the main treatment for skin pigmentation. Some cases have been slightly improved or not improved,

and some cases have become worse, so be careful when laser treatment, and several sessions must be done to appear Results, and patients should reduce sun exposure to ensure successful treatment. [5] Treatment of melasma with home recipes There are many recipes that have effect in the treatment of freckles, dark spots, freckles, skin and non – uniform color [1] , including: Potato recipe Potatoes contain the catecholase enzyme, which has the effect of lightening the skin tone, treating melasma, dark spots, and other skin imperfections. Its method is: [1] Ingredients: Fresh potatoes. How to prepare: Divide the potatoes into two, and add several drops of water on the side. Rub the affected areas thoroughly, then wash the skin with lukewarm water, after 10 minutes. The recipe is used 3-4 times a day for a month. Lemon recipe Lemon contains natural whitening properties, and natural honey moisturizes the skin, both eliminating melasma, and lemon is a great source of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, protects the skin from UV damage and opens dark spots. [1] Ingredients: Fruit of lemon. A spoonful of natural honey. How to prepare: Cut the lemon and squeeze, then place the lemon juice in a bowl. Add the honey to the lemon juice. Apply on skin,

leave 15 minutes. Remove from skin using plain water. Use the recipe twice daily, until the result is noticed. Recipe lemon juice and turmeric powder Turmeric makes the skin vibrant, free from blemishes, and maintains its acidity levels. Its method is: [1] Ingredients: A tablespoon of lemon juice . 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder. How to prepare: In a bowl, mix well. Apply to the skin, leave for 15 minutes. Remove the mixture by washing it with water. The recipe is used at night before bedtime. Apple cider vinegar recipe Holding properties help in the apple cider vinegar to restore the natural color of the skin, it also contains beta – carotene , which handles skin free of radiation damage to the atmosphere, and makes the skin more flexible and brighter, and his way are: [1] Ingredients: 4-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. 4-3 tablespoons of water How to prepare

Mix apple cider vinegar and water. Place the mixture on the affected areas and leave 5 minutes. Remove the mixture by washing it with lukewarm water. Use the recipe twice a day regularly, until you get the desired results. Red Onion Recipe Onions are an excellent source of vitamin C, an antioxidant that makes it a cure for melasma, and its method is: [1] Ingredients: Fresh red onion. How to prepare: Cut the onion into two pieces, take a slice, then massage directly into the affected areas. You can squeeze the onion to extract its juice, then put the juice on the skin. Leave 10 minutes and then wash with water. Use the recipe twice daily regularly. Cactus recipe One effective treatment for melasma is the regular use of aloe vera because it cleanses the skin without disturbing its natural balance, reduces spots on the face, and protects the skin from UV damage. [1] Ingredients: 2 tbsp of gel aloe . Half a tablespoon of pure honey.

How to prepare : Add the ingredients in a bowl, mix and leave 10 minutes until smooth. Apply the mixture on the skin, leave 20 minutes. Wash skin with lukewarm water; remove the mixture. Orange peel recipe Orange peel contains citric acid, which helps to reduce melanin and thus treat melasma, and its method is: [1] Ingredients: Peel an orange. A teaspoon of lemon juice. Teaspoon of milk. A teaspoon of honey. How to prepare: Grind the orange peel into powder and dry. Add lemon juice, milk and honey to the orange peel, and mix well. Paint the resulting paste on the affected areas of the skin, leave for 20 minutes, then remove the paste by washing it with lukewarm water. Use the recipe 3-4 times a week until results are noticed. Almond recipe Almonds are a good source of vitamin E, which is called vitamin epidermis, which treats melasma, and keeps the skin healthy. [1] Ingredients : 5-6 almonds. A spoonful of honey. Several drops of lemon juice. How to prepare: Soak almonds in water overnight. Remove the almonds from the water, grind, and milk can be added to get a good paste. Add honey and lemon juice to the paste and mix well. Put the paste on the affected areas, and leave the whole night, wash with cold water to remove the mixture in the morning.

The recipe is used at night before bedtime, and can be repeated every night for two weeks, and then continue to use twice a week. Sandalwood recipe Sandalwood acts as a catalyst, a blood purifier, is a treatment for skin pigmentation and is ideal for protection from harmful ultraviolet rays, the method is: [1] Ingredients: 2 tablespoons sandalwood powder. 2 tablespoons rose water. How to prepare: Mix the ingredients well, until a thick, smooth paste is obtained. Place the mixture on the affected areas, leave 30 minutes. Wash face with lukewarm water. Use the recipe twice daily. Tomato mask recipe, oatmeal and yogurt Tomatoes have natural skin whitening properties and the mask contains tomatoes that regenerate the skin. : [1] Ingredients: Fruit juice of tomatoes. 2 teaspoons of oatmeal. Half a teaspoon of yogurt. How to prepare: Combine the ingredients in a bowl, apply to the skin, leave for 20 minutes, or until the mixture is completely dry. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use the recipe daily to get the desired results as soon as possible. Avocado recipe The presence of vitamin C and oleic acid in avocado makes it an ideal treatment for melasma, which keeps the skin firm and nourishes the skin from inside. [1] Ingredients: ripe avocado fruit. How to prepare: Avocado is mashed for a smooth paste. Apply on skin and leave 30 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water. Use the recipe twice daily for a month. Caution: Latex enzymes are found in avocados, which are allergic to some people, so please do an allergy test before trying this recipe. Banana recipe Bananas act as skin peelers and melasma treatments,

and their method is: [1] Ingredients: Half a peeled banana. A quarter teaspoon of honey. Teaspoon of milk. How to prepare: Mash the bananas completely, add the rest of the ingredients and mix. Apply the mixture to the affected areas. Leave 30 minutes and wash with hot water. The recipe is repeated twice a week regularly, and the results will be observed within three weeks. Prevention of melasma It is said that (prevention is better than cure) and to maintain a fresh and radiant skin is recommended to follow the following tips: [6] It is always best to use a sunscreen cream before going out in the day with a high concentration (SPF30). Try to control and avoid stress because it can cause cracking, pallor, dryness and pigmentation. Choose skin care products wisely, preferably herbal products. Eat foods rich in omega-3s because they are essential for nourishment, softening and unifying skin tone.

Regular exercise to stimulate blood circulation. Abandon sugar-rich beverages, such as soft drinks. The skin is made up of approximately 75% of the water, so drinking enough water a day will result in smooth, beautiful skin. Include water-rich vegetables and fruits for the diet; to gradually and naturally moisturize the skin, and to deliver food to the skin. Exfoliate once a week to prevent dead skin build-up that causes pallor and uneven skin tone. Video on the treatment of melasma To learn more about melasma and how to treat it, watch this video.

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