How to remove the sunburn effect

cold water Sunburn is an inflammation that occurs in the skin.The easiest way to treat this type of inflammation is to cool the affected area with cold water.It helps to remove the sunburn immediately.This can be done by putting water on the affected area, or swimming in various surfaces such as oceans, Be careful of chlorinated water,

which increases the deterioration of the skin instead of treating it, as well as avoiding the use of ice on the burned area, because it will increase the damage, especially for people with sensitive skin, and can also shower to mitigate sunburn. [1] Aloe vera gel Aloe vera gel in aloe vera is characterized by its tremendous ability to treat various types of diseases from the treatment of stomach diseases to kidney infections.Aloe vera gel can be used to treat sunburn by cutting part of the aloe plant, and applying the gel directly to the skin,

which helps It can soothe the skin, relieve sunburn pain, and also get 100% natural jelly, which is available in most pharmacies. [1] Other ways to treat sunburn Sunburn can be treated by following these instructions: [2] Drinking large amounts of water, or useful fluids, helps to replace body fluids lost as a result of burns, thus speeding up the healing process. Use cold pressure or cold compresses on the affected area, and it is recommended to use Burow’s solution in the process, which helps to rest the skin, and soothe sunburn. Use an over-the-counter topical ointment, such as a hydrocortisone cream to help relieve sunburn symptoms such as itching, pain, and swelling. Apply milk and yogurt to the skin using a cloth to soothe the skin.

The use of vitamin E oil, which contains antioxidant properties, which contributes to reduce inflammation caused by sunburn. Applying cold tea to the affected area with a clean cloth.Tannic acid in black tea helps to remove heat from the burned skin and restore the skin’s pH balance.It is recommended to add peppermint to the tea because it promotes cooling of the affected area. Cucumber has antioxidant properties and is a natural analgesic for the skin. Cucumber paste can be made by mashing it in a blender, then applying the paste to the sun-damaged area.

Use a peeled potato puree, and apply it to the affected area, where the starch helps to remove heat from the skin, which reduces pain, and thus speeds healing. Mix corn flour with water to form a paste, then apply it to the skin, helping to soothe sunburn. General tips for removing sunburn The following tips are recommended to protect sun damaged skin: [3] Use a moisturizer when peeling sunburned skin .

A moisturizer containing a small amount of alpha hydroxy acid is recommended, which helps exfoliate dead skin cells without damaging healthy skin. Beware of skin exposure to the sun, where the damaged skin becomes more susceptible to sun damage, so the skin needs to use a sunscreen with a high percentage of the usual protection factor (SPF). Wear loose, non-stick clothing, preferably made from natural fibers, such as cotton and bamboo

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