How to make skin rosy

Drink enough water You can get skin rosy through attention to drink plenty of water , which helps to remove toxins, and sodium out of the body, it may be through drinking directly, or get water from food intake as well, as people get more than one fifth of the required amount of water Sugary drinks should be replaced with water or unsweetened tea.

The body can be satisfied with water when the urine is light yellow or clear. [1] A healthy diet A healthy diet is required to have beautiful skin . To ensure this, the following is recommended: [2] It is recommended to eat a large amount of fruits and vegetables, especially rich in vitamin B complex, vitamin E, sulfur and zinc. [1] Do not neglect meals, it is necessary to eat four healthy meals every day, and snacks can be between the main meals.

Eat foods rich in proteins that are important to your body’s health, such as lentils. Reduce the intake of red meat because it contains high cholesterol, saturated fat and can be replaced by fish and chicken. Drink low-fat or skimmed milk and milk products. Practice yoga exercises Yoga exercises can be used to get rid of harmful body toxins.Exercises help to improve flexibility, increase physical health, and the ability to control one’s breathing.

The beauty of the skin requires deep breaths and concentrated that are applied during the practice of yoga of various kinds. [1] Get essential vitamins It is advised to get the essential vitamins of the body, especially vitamin C, and vitamin J, which are important to give the skin shine and radiance, where the decrease of these vitamins cause cracking and dry skin, and lips, also advised to consult a doctor when taking vitamin supplements, or eat some fruits and vegetables that contain these vitamins

[2] Use sunscreen It is advisable to use sunscreen frequently, as studies show that people who use the right hand put more condoms on the left side compared to the right, and the opposite happens to people who use the left hand.This means that important areas lack full protection from sunlight, so It is advisable to swap hands while applying a condom to ensure that the skin gets the right amount.

Benefits of milk for the face

Milk is known in many countries of the world as a very useful food for the treatment of aches in the stomach. This enhances the health of the immune system in the human body, but its benefits are not limited to this, but beyond the scope of health benefit to reach the aesthetic benefit of the face, skin, and even hair. This article explains the aesthetic benefits of milk for the skin. [1] [2] Benefits of milk for the face As mentioned earlier, there are many aesthetic benefits that yogurt offers to your skin, so it can be used instead of expensive skin care products, full of chemicals and preservatives, and the milk contains some useful bacteria, in addition to its creamy texture. As for the natural face masks in which milk enters, it can be used more than once during the week, which contributes to a healthy, bright and beautiful skin.

[3] Here are some points that explain the benefits that milk provides to the face: [2] Helps to treat pimples and acne: Milk contains many substances that contribute to the treatment of pimples and acne, including zinc , which regulates the secretion of sebum (sebum) of the glands, and it has anti-inflammatory and anti-pore properties, It contributes to the production of cells and the growth of new tissues, and milk contains probiotics, which helps to get rid of bacteria causing acne . It protects and rejuvenates the skin.Calcium is heavily involved in the formation of the epidermis, so supplying it with calcium helps to make it more healthy.It also regenerates it to free from signs of fatigue and fatigue, and protects it from dryness. It is known that milk contains mainly calcium, so it is very useful for your skin.

Maintains healthy skin and splendor: as milk contains a lot of vitamins, and the most important of vitamin B – 2 , which is called Balraipovlavi ( in English: riboflavin), which contributes significantly to the preservation of the skin and splendor health; this is because it Ardobaa, and protects it from damage caused by roots Free Radicals, which regenerate their cells, stimulate the growth of tissues in them, and encourages the production of healthy fat cells in them, and milk contains other types of vitamins,

such as vitamin B5 and vitamin B12. Delay aging: where the milk contains lactic acid ( in English: lactic acid), which works Makecra naturally to your skin, and is also on the moisture and protection from drought, in addition to this, the milk is a recent factor of aging; this is because it helps dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles , Which makes a person look older. Natural recipes of yogurt for the face Milk to moisturize the skin Milk increases the hydration of your skin very well, contributes to make it more vibrant and youthful, and also increases the luster, and the following will explain to you how to use in this recipe:

[1] Ingredients: Four tablespoons of yogurt. Tablespoon of cocoa. Teaspoon of honey . How to prepare: Mix all the ingredients above with each other until you get a good texture. Apply the mixture to your face and neck, and let it last for up to 30 minutes. Wash your face with cold water. Yogurt to reduce wrinkles As you age, the chance of wrinkles on your face increases. It exfoliates the skin, thus removing it from the dead layers of skin that have accumulated, allowing new cells to appear younger, brighter, and here we will explain how this recipe works: [1] Ingredients: Two tablespoons of milk. Tablespoon of oats . How to prepare: Add the oats to the milk and leave it in a little until soft. Stir the milk with the oatmeal well; Apply the mixture to your face and neck, and gently massage your skin into circular motions. Leave the mixture on your skin for up to 15 minutes,

then rinse with cold water. Repeat this recipe regularly on a weekly basis. Milk to treat sunburn If you have traces of sunburn on your face, the recipe for yogurt with chickpea flour will help you to get rid of it; Make it smooth, in addition to lightening it, and below we’ll explain how this recipe works: [4] Ingredients: Two tablespoons of milk. 2 tablespoons chickpea flour . How to prepare: Mix the ingredients above with each other well. Apply the mixture to your skin, which is dyed from the sun , and massage it. Leave the mixture on your skin for up to 30 minutes,

then wash it off with cold water. Repeat this recipe every day, and continue to apply it for at least two or three weeks, until you get rid of pigmentation or sunburn . Milk to get rid of blackness under the eyes Milk in this recipe helps to reduce dark circles around the eye area, because it contains lactic acid, and also works to reduce the puffiness that may affect the area around your eyes, and here we will explain how to prepare this recipe: [4] ] Ingredients: The right amount of milk. How to prepare: Apply milk to the dark areas around your eyes using a cotton swab.

Leave on for up to 10 minutes, then wash your face with cold water. Repeat this recipe every day before they go to sleep, and will continue to apply for up to four weeks at least; even disappear dark circles , you will notice a significant improvement since the first week.

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