What is vitamin useful for the skin

What is vitamin useful for the skin

Skin and food Maintaining healthy skin and beautiful is everyone ‘s concern, and so many people looking for what they can do or eat to get beautiful skin, and plays a food intake an important role in healthy skin, so that skin beauty and health is influenced from the outside and from the inside too, [1] where a healthy diet may help a person to appear in the most beautiful and best forms,

[2] and although the scientific studies that are looking better food for skin health and beauty is limited and a few, but it is undoubtedly the existence of great importance intuitive and well – known antioxidant, and it is important that does not work Human being to focus on important food It is important to have a healthy diet and to eat healthy foods in general, which in turn gives the skin the proper nutrition,

[3] This article aims to talk about proper nutrition and the most important vitamins for skin health and beauty. Proper nutrition and vitamins for skin beauty What is eaten affects the health and beauty of the skin, therefore, attention to a healthy diet may be more important than attention to cosmetics and different mixes that are bought or manufactured, and the importance of a healthy diet must be followed by the emergence of natural beauty, and it is important not to focus on vitamin or food item specific to get beautiful skin as some people do, but must get all of all vitamins and minerals daily needs, but for vitamins is considered both vitamin a, vitamin e, vitamin d,

[4] and vitamin c, the most important Vitamins NAT for the health of the skin , so it works to combat the damage caused by oxidation, and works to fight free radicals that damage the skin and accelerate the appearance of signs of aging and aging. [1] Eating lots of vegetables and fruits ensures that antioxidants are obtained in good quantities, which benefits the body in general and the skin in particular.

[1] In addition to vitamins, other antioxidants, such as carotenoids, play an important role in skin health. Fatty acids and omega-3s found in fatty fish, such as salmon, tuna, etc., canola oil , and flaxseed oil

[5] help keep the outer layer of the skin strong. To protect them from toxins and contaminants and keep them out, [1] this type of fatty acids plays a role in maintaining the health of cell membranes, which makes them better in their function as a barrier, and also makes them more able to conserve water, and the important effects that affect the health And beauty b Inflammation compounds that play a role in the aging process and the appearance of signs of aging .

[5] The inflammatory state of the body can be controlled and controlled by avoiding foods that raise blood insulin significantly, such as simple carbohydrates, such as sugar, white flour and other carbohydrates. [5] Beneficial foods for the skin include carrots, apricots and other yellow fruits and vegetables, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, blueberries, legumes such as beans, peas, lentils, salmon and other fatty fish, nuts and seeds, milk and low-fat or non-fat products, [3] ] olive oil,

whole grains, tuna and meat turkey that contains selenium, tea, study has found that eating 3 cups of tea oolong ( in English: Oolong tea) per day reduces symptoms of eczema in 54% of people who have t Ol, [5] and it is advisable to diversify and eat food from all colors and make the right healthy choices from all food groups. Nutritional supplements for skin beauty It is not taking nutritional supplements necessary by the people who eat a balanced diet containing vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins , soft and healthy fats, but if not eating a balanced diet and the need for nutritional supplements ,

it is not necessary to address the special skin supplements, but enough eating routine supplements containing requirements daily vitamins and minerals, [4] and the people who spend considerable time abroad and are exposed to pollutants and smoking negative may benefit from taking these supplements too.

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