How to make my body smooth

Use natural recipes Oatmeal with water or milk A soft body can be obtained by using oats and water and mixing them together to form a paste and apply it to the body.If the skin is too dry, replace the water with full-fat milk because it contains fat that balances the pH of the skin and gives it moisture, and then rinse the body with water. [1] Peel using wheat germ Skin can be peeled and harsh areas using wheat seeds (wheat germ) containing natural proteins, vitamins and other nutrients that help get rid of dead skin and roughness on the skin, thus stimulating the growth and regeneration of healthy cells

and then rinse the skin with lukewarm water. [1] Use organic honey Plentiful amounts of organic honey can be applied to rough areas of the body.It contains moisturizers that help the skin retain moisture and balance, and then left on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes, and then rinsed with lukewarm water. [1] Use natural oils You can mix 7 to 10 drops of lavender essential oil with almond, hazelnut or apricot oil and apply it to the skin.These oils naturally contain antifungal, antibacterial, and natural moisturizers.

[1] Mud mask The clay or clay mask can be used to soften the skin, because the clay contains elements that remove dead skin cells from the body and face, as well as an excellent absorption factor that helps remove sebum, dirt, from the skin, making it look clean, smooth and young. [2] Other tips to make the body softer To get a smooth skin you must follow several things, the most important of which are: [3] Wear sunscreen and apply a protective cream before exposure to strong sunlight. Do not use too much cosmetics on the skin, because excessive use may lead to irritation and burning. Sleep for enough hours on a daily basis. A balanced diet in which fruits and vegetables are incorporated, they are rich in vitamins and minerals that help rejuvenate the skin and control melanin.

Exercise regularly, they increase the movement of blood circulation in the body, which leads to the shine of the skin. Shortening bath time, bathing and washing the body with lukewarm and non-hot water, which leads to the consumption of large amounts of hot water on the body, over time to the skin to dry and peeling, says That hot water dries the skin more than high temperatures.

What is the treatment of body cracks

Therapeutic creams There are many therapeutic creams that contribute to the treatment of body cracks, including: [1] Tretinoin Cream: The cream contains retinoids used in the treatment of wrinkles and new stretch marks, but they cause redness, irritation and peeling of the skin. Centella asiatica cream is a group of natural oils that boosts cells in the body by building collagen for skin tissue, but there is little evidence of its effectiveness in treating body cracks. Laser Laser treatment reduces cracks but does not remove them completely.The mechanism of treatment is to absorb the energy generated by the laser from the blood vessels under the cracks, which leads to its collapse and turn from red or violet to white. Laser treatments are available in many types and are painless. They can be used to treat cracks at the onset of red or violet color. [2] Plastic surgery Cosmetic procedures are suitable for treating abdominal fissures in large quantities, but they are expensive and unsafe; they can cause scarring. [2] Other ways to treat body cracks Use sugar:

Mix a cup of sugar with a quarter cup of coconut oil or almond oil, and add a quantity of sea sand and lemon juice and blend the ingredients together symmetrically, then rub the cracks of the body mixture for ten minutes, it is recommended to use the mixture several times a week While bathing for satisfying results. [3] Aloe Vera Gel : Contributes to the treatment of body cracks by applying aloe vera gel from the plant on a daily basis after bathing. [3] Ways to hide body cracks Creams, gel and moisturizing products: These products contribute to moisturizing the skin but do not prevent or conceal cracks in the body.

It is available in pharmacies and beauty shops, and is recommended to use when the cracks are red or violet. [2] The use of concealer lotions: These are cosmetics available in pharmacies without a prescription, and is suitable for concealing cracks in small areas of the body, and the availability of waterproof types that last for two or three days. [2] Video of skin cracks and methods of treatment Watch the video to learn more about skin cracks and treatment:

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