Face-lift method

Face-lift With age, the skin begins to lose its youth and freshness, and begins to produce less natural oils that keep the skin moisturized, it begins to appear sag, especially in the face, and there are some foods that increase the appearance of these wrinkles in the face and body while other foods help to resist and get rid of them . [1] How to maintain the youthfulness of the skin To maintain the freshness of the skin and tighten the face:

[2] Focus on drinking enough water for its importance, as it fills the cells with freshness and water and helps to get rid of impurities and discarded from the body. Stay away from alcohol , smoking and smoking places. Go to sleep early and stay away from the night, to get enough sleep. Laughter helps lift the face, while frowns can cause wrinkles in the face. Stay away from grease, sugars, starches, lean meats, and fatty milk because they contain animal fats from cows, sheep, cakes, biscuits and pastries because they contain milk, butter, starch, white bread, egg rice, pasta, and sugar-sweetened industrial beverages. Such as turkey, fish , vegetables and fruits such as spinach, watermelon (cantaloupe), and strawberries. [1] Face-lift blends Facial masks can help to treat strain of anti-aging skin, not only face masks can help to lift and tighten your skin, but also reduce the pores of the skin,

here are some examples of masks the natural face that you can make at home to treat your skin wet quickly and naturally: [ 1] Egg mask, eggs are the most important elements that help in tightening the skin, can whisk egg whites it works to stimulate the production of collagen and put it directly on the face, and remain on the face until dry and then rinsed with warm water, can also add flour, honey, yogurt or thyme oil To the egg whites to make a face mask,

the mask is placed on the face until it dries and then rinse with lukewarm water. You can also make a mask of fresh tomato juice, tomatoes close the open pores and tighten the skin, where the face is painted with juice in a circular upward for five minutes, then rinse the face with cold water. One of the recipes that helps to lift the face, pass a cube of ice made of rose water on the face, is stirring in a circular, because the rose water works to purify and lighten the skin, and minimizes pores and ice to tighten loose skin.

How does the face-lift surgery occur

Facelift Operation face lift is a cosmetic surgery, which is used to rid the face of wrinkles, resulting from advances in age, but this process , like any other operations are certain steps, and they must be preceded by some measures of prevention, such as refraining from eating certain medical drugs is the most important, Corticosteroids, aspirin, multivitamins , etc. This procedure must be carried out under medical supervision. Wrinkles and amount of contouring.

[1] Steps to face lift Facelift is performed quickly by: [2] Making a small wound about half a centimeter long, behind the front line of the hair, the goal of choosing this place for the wound is to prevent the appearance of its impact on the face, and after the work of the wound pass a very thin tube, and continue to pass until it comes out either from a small take in the folds of the skin, or in the mouth , And through the tube passes a thread, while passing the thread must withdraw the tube. Repeat the previous steps until reaching a deeper level, so as to get the ends of the thread at the wound, and then adjust the tension until the desired result, and the process of tightening and adjusting is by attracting the ends of the thread, and must also work on the tangle of threads through the work of massages For the face.

The two ends of the threads are fixed using the fibrous layer, located in the head, after attaching them. Repeat the previous steps in each face, until the final elimination of contouring, and it should be noted that the number of threads used in the face-lift is determined by the number of wrinkles and the amount of sagging, but in most seasons used four to six threads. After the operation is completed, cold water compresses should be applied to the site immediately,

so as to eliminate the swelling and redness resulting from the process. Post-operation After the operation, some patients experience several problems. To avoid these problems, follow these tips: The patient may have some swelling in the face , and these swellings go away in a maximum of three days, in addition to the sense of some tension lasts for two weeks, and this tension is usually not accompanied by pain. Pay attention well when laughing and smiling broadly, as well as when opening the mouth or yawn, that these movements be careful, and simple.

Refrain from swimming for at least fourteen days after the operation. The patient must stick to the house for four days after the operation. Avoid too much scratching of the skin, as well as pressure on the area of the operation, because these two things move the thread out of place, thus moving the position of the process.

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