How to put eye shadow

Many women want to get stunning views through the best eyes makeup mode, Valaaon is striking in general, but unfortunately the places competent beautification cost is high and most women can not afford this cost per day, so resort women to try to finery and put cosmetics alone, But eye beauty in particular requires art and high skill, and by following these steps you can get the required look.

[1] Basic technologies Learn the following basic techniques: [2] Start with a clean skin: Before starting, clean the face with a gentle lotion on the skin, and do not leave any traces of mascara or eyeliner on the eye, and if you face the problem of removing the remaining makeup, try using cold water with a little regular cream on a piece of cotton, and if you are suffering from Dry the skin around the eyes or eczema, apply a little moisturizer under the eye, as well as between the outer corners of the eyes, and do not put the moisturizer on your eyelids.

This will make it greasy, and at first you must apply a foundation on the eyelids (this step is optional), it gives softness to your skin and hurt L Make-up proves well. Concealer under the eyes: It covers the black under the eyes, if any, as well as in the area between the eye and nose. Eyeshadow: You can use one or several colors, depending on what suits you or what suits your clothes, and you must start the tip of the eyelid from the outside in a dark color and then to the inside, and whenever you enter Fathi color. Kohl: Put the kohl inside the eye, and from the outside if you want to, and use the eyelash wrapping tool , to get longer and beautiful eyelashes, and then apply the mascara to get lashes thicker. Specific techniques Use the following specific techniques:

[3] Work on special techniques to put the eyeliner, and the application to learn the appropriate way. Learn more tricks and tips on applying eye shadow by following online magazines and videos. Apply dark eye shadow without liner. Add a shimmer to the eye shadow, to add a bright and beautiful touch. Learn to apply eye shadow according to your eye painting. Wide eyes need specific colors and style, as are small eyes. Choose a good quality of makeup. The need to choose the best types of makeup when you buy them, good quality makes the most beautiful look. Removing make-up is a good way to do it.It causes many problems for the skin if a woman sleeps while still present.

The primary shadow is applied to the eyelid using an eye shadow brush. Apply a medium shadow with a flat brush from the lash line to the crease, avoiding placing it above the curls of the eye, or outside its corners. [2] Eyelid contour is defined using a corner brush in a dark shade, starting from the outer corner of the eye, to the middle of the eye curl, in semi-circular motions.It is recommended to distribute it more precisely along the lash line, and soften it as it moves up the eye.

[2] Blend the eye shadow well, after cleaning the shadow brush using an antibacterial lotion, or using soap and water, and then dried with a clean towel, making sure to mix the ends of the shadows well until the three colors of the shadows mixed together. [2] How to choose eye shadow colors There are many colors and types of eye shadows , any of which can be chosen as desired, preferably at least three colors of the eye shadow for a light and soft makeup, and when you need to look simple, you can choose eye shadow in neutral colors, such as: Gray or brown.

[2] Tips when applying eye shadow Here are some tips to apply when applying eye shadow: [3] Determine the eyelid fold using a marker pen and then blend with a fine brush. It is recommended to use a clean brush when applying eye shadow, to ensure a good result. The concealer can be placed under the eyes, after the eye shadow is finished.

It is recommended to finish the eye makeup, then apply the basic makeup, to ensure that the eye area is cleaned without damaging the makeup. It is recommended that you distribute a transparent amount of powder under the eyes before you start applying eye shadow, and then remove the powder after you have done so. Eye shadows are available in a variety of shades, from creamy shadow, to powdered, and pressed.

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