How do I make my skin brown

How do I make my skin brown

Sunbathing It is solarium in order to tan the skin, taking into account the gradual increase in the time of solarium, [1] and before starting it must: [2] Moisturizing your skin.Moisturizing makes your skin last longer.It is best not to bathe for four hours, and it is recommended to drink enough water during the day. Exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells, ie removing the outer layer of the skin , thus obtaining a better nailing. Protect the skin from burns

: Exposure to sunlight can lead to severe burns in the skin, not only to tanning, and therefore should pay attention to the period spent under the sun, and do not use baby oil as a tanning cream. Use tanning beds It is a method used by people who want to get skin brown quickly, and the principle of its work is based on the generation of UV rays artificially,

which are two types: [3] UVA beds UVA rays are longer than their counterparts and are therefore better able to penetrate the five-layer skin, meaning they reach the lower layers of the spinusum and the base layer. . [3]  UVB beds This type of ultraviolet radiation is known to be shorter than the first type, that is, it penetrates lower layers of the skin and thus affects the outer layers of the skin.However, exposure to these rays causes sunburn and is the leading cause of skin cancers such as squamous cancers.

How to remove wrinkles

things that increase with age and indicate aging, we need to address these wrinkles, whether in women or men in general, and the most famous areas where wrinkles appear: hands, face, neck, The causes of these wrinkles are weakened collagen and elastin in the skin. Causes of the appearance of wrinkles In order to know how to keep the skin you know the reasons and away from it, namely: Smoking: Smoking is one of the things that help greatly the appearance of wrinkles.

Excessive stress: psychological problems, fatigue and fatigue significantly affect human health in general and skin and skin in particular. Weight loss: When weight is appropriate and has lost a large weight suddenly it helps to the emergence of wrinkles and known as flabby, and are found in people who want to lose weight, they must follow the right way to avoid the appearance of skin flabby. Deficiency of vitamin E. DNA. Ways to remove wrinkles Do not be exposed to the sun: The sun is one of the most dangerous things that can affect the skin.When exposed to the sun, you increase the chance of exposure to ultraviolet rays.

There is a way to avoid sunlight is to use sunscreen in very hot weather to keep the skin. Reduces skin wash: The excessive excessive skin wash reduces the substance secreted by the skin, oils, which helps to maintain skin moisture, when trying to wash the face should use soap containing moisturizer. Quitting smoking: Smoking is a general problem that affects the health of the body and also the skin, we must stay away from smoking as much as possible. Sleep properly: Sleep should be on the back rather than on the face that affects the skin, glasses and shape. Use of creams and some fruits:

There are many types of creams that help to maintain skin glasses and should be used at a time, including ginger, water (water vapor), almonds, bananas, olive oil, pineapple, and there are some creams help to moisturize the skin must Use according to skin type.

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