How do I make my skin beautiful

How do I make my skin beautiful

Protect your skin from the sun Sun – causing rays are considered by at least 80% of the signs of aging, such as: freckles, thinning of the skin, wrinkles, and can cause skin cancer, so it should protect the skin on a daily basis from the sun ‘s rays using a sunscreen that blocks ultraviolet radiation (UVA, UVB Dr. Roger at the New York Medical Center recommends re-applying the sunscreen every two hours, and trying to avoid direct sunlight during hours when UV rays are strong, usually between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Protective, put sunglasses , Apply sunscreen in the cold or cloudy days, because the skin may be exposed to UV damage even in these days.

[1] cleaning the skin Make sure to clean the skin daily, wash the face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before going to sleep, and use toner to remove the effects of oils, dirt, makeup on the skin, and make sure to moisturize, as this is necessary for skin care, even for people Those who have oily skin, taking into account the use of a moisturizer suitable for the type of skin. [2] A healthy diet A healthy diet should be followed to get a good look and feel, by eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Some research suggests that a healthy diet rich in vitamin C, low-fat, unhealthy fats, and processed or refined carbohydrates work. Promotes youthful skin. [3] Drinking water Drinking plenty of water to keep your skin moist . Water-rich foods such as fruits, raw vegetables and juices are also a good way to increase your body’s basic water needs. [4] Treatment of skin problems You can consult a specialist to find solutions to skin problems.There are many problems that may face the skin, such as rashes, and acne, so it should be treated with skin specialists, or dermatologists, to get the perfect skin.

How to tan my skin

Tanning In recent years, the trend of tanning has spread among girls, especially turning it into a bronze complexion. Skin, so we will offer a range of healthy and safe ways to tanner. How to nail the skin Diet Changing your diet is one of the most natural ways that you may fasten your skin color by eating a high amount of foods that contain tomatoes, carrots, and vegetable juice. Tea method Put three bags of tea inside a deep bowl. Pour the boiling water on the tea bags and leave it for no more than ten minutes, to be later disposed of bags of water.

Take a quarter cup of boiling tea, mix it with the insulin, and a quarter cup of sesame oil, and whisk together in a blender. Add the remaining soaked tea gradually during whisking. Massage the desired areas by nailing them in circular motions, and wait for ten minutes before cleaning the place. Cocoa method Mix a quarter cup of cocoa powder with white lanolin. Apply the mixture to the skin, areas desired to be tanned, and wait until the skin is soaked. Vaseline method Vaseline can be used to tan the skin by mixing petroleum jelly in equal amounts with saffron and olive oil, apply the mixture to the desired place by tanning, and repeat the process daily until the desired color is obtained. Carrot method Carrot is used in the tanning of the skin after mixing drops of carrot juice with drops of olive oil, and the greater the amount of carrot juice added to olive oil the more it contributed to make the skin tends to darker. Tanning oils Hazelnut oil. Coconut Oil. Avocado oil. Wheat oil. Sun flower oil.

Green tea extract. Tips for those who want to tan skin Exposure to the sun between 8-10 am taking into account the sunscreen, and in the case of sun exposure without the appropriate sunscreen should not increase the duration of stay in the sun for more than twenty minutes. Take into account hair removal from places directly exposed to the sun, to protect the skin from the appearance of light spots when hair removal later. Dead cells and skin should be discarded before sun exposure through sanding. Avoid using perfume directly on the skin as it leaves too dark spots after sun exposure.

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