Grounds/Yard Keeper for a Local Dairy Farm in Australia with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

Grounds/Yard Keeper for a Local Dairy Farm in Australia with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Nowrs, nurturing livestock, and contributing to the local community, a position as a Grounds/Yard Keeper on a local dairy farm might be your perfect match. In this article, we’ll explore the role of a Grounds/Yard Keeper at a local dairy farm in Australia and highlight the prospects of visa sponsorship, making it an even more appealing option for those considering a career in this field.

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About Grounds/Yard Keeper for a Local Dairy Farm in Australia

Position; Grounds/Yard Keeper

Number Of Vacancies: 800

Salary: 18.00$ hourly / 40 to 60 hours per week

Education: Diploma/High School

Location; Australia

What Does a Grounds/Yard Keeper Do?

Duties and Responsibilities

As a Grounds/Yard Keeper at a local dairy farm, your daily routine will be closely tied to the care and maintenance of the farm’s grounds and livestock. Your responsibilities may include:

1. Daily Ground Maintenance

  • Mowing, weeding, and maintaining the farm’s outdoor areas.
  • Ensuring a clean and organized environment for both humans and animals.

2. Livestock Care

  • Feeding and watering the dairy cows.
  • Cleaning and maintaining their living areas to promote their well-being.

3. Equipment Maintenance

  • Regularly inspecting and maintaining farm equipment such as tractors and milking machines.

4. Assisting with Farm Operations

  • Offering support during milking and feeding times.
  • Helping with the general operations of the farm, including crop planting and harvesting.

Qualities of a Great Grounds/Yard Keeper

To excel in this role, you should possess the following qualities:

1. Love for the Outdoors

  • A passion for working in an outdoor environment is essential.

2. Physical Stamina

  • This role can be physically demanding, so being in good shape is a plus.

3. Animal Care Skills

  • A genuine interest in animal well-being and the ability to handle and care for livestock.

4. Maintenance Knowledge

  • Basic mechanical and maintenance skills for equipment upkeep.

Visa Sponsorship for International Applicants

Why It’s Attractive

One of the most enticing aspects of this position is the possibility of visa sponsorship for international applicants. Dairy farms in Australia often require additional labor, and they are open to hiring skilled individuals from overseas. Here’s why this is a great opportunity:

1. Career Development

  • Working on an Australian dairy farm can be a stepping stone to a long and fulfilling career in agriculture.

2. Experience in a New Country

  • You get to experience life in a beautiful and diverse country like Australia.

3. Supportive Work Environment

  • Dairy farms in Australia are known for their friendly and welcoming work culture.

How to Apply

If you’re excited about the prospect of becoming a Grounds/Yard Keeper at a local dairy farm in Australia, here are the steps to get started:

1. Prepare Your Application

  • Gather your resume, references, and any relevant certifications.

2. Research Local Farms

  • Look for dairy farms in Australia that are open to hiring international candidates.

3. Contact Prospective Employers

  • Reach out to the farms, introduce yourself, and express your interest in the position.

4. Visa Application

  • If you secure a job offer, work with your prospective employer to apply for the necessary visa.

How To Apply

The application procedure is online meaning we are accepting applications online. So send the documents and wait for our response.

Good Luck!

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A career as a Grounds/Yard Keeper at a local dairy farm in Australia offers a unique opportunity to blend your love for the outdoors, animal care, and mechanical skills. With the added possibility of visa sponsorship for international applicants, it becomes an even more attractive choice. Start your journey in this rewarding field today and take a step towards a fulfilling career in the dairy farming industry.

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