How to increase my beauty without makeup

If you are dry, normal, oily, or dry skin, you should choose the right skin lotions to highlight the true beauty, where the skin is moisturized with a suitable moisturizer after washing the face twice daily and massaged in a very gentle way. It is advised to stay away from sleep with makeup as this will block the pores of the skin.

To cleanse the face from blackheads and whiteheads, special tapes are used to remove these problems from the skin.
[1] Attention to the external form Care must be taken to external attention to the body, and this is by following these steps: [1] Keep away from greasy hair and should be washed when needed. Attention to the development of deodorant to maintain a beautiful body odor. Attention to cleaning the nails on a daily basis.

Protect from sunlight by using sunscreen while driving or even flying, taking care to use a sunscreen with a protective factor equal to or greater than 30% and check that it is distributed to the skin every two hours. [2] Stay away from touching the skin with fingers continuously, as this leads to the transmission of bacteria that may cause scarring and stimulate the appearance of wrinkles .

[2] Choose the right hairstyle Are advised to access the magazines styling hair and fashion to see various hair styles and traded at this time, to find out what are the most popular colors for the season, taking care to know the quality of hair if he felt soft or wrinkled, or coarse, as advised by cutting hair gradients or layers if The hair is soft, although the hair between softness and roughness befits different designs and varied, and for coarse hair is recommended cuts work to reduce the volume of hair, while light hair is advised to cut it short, which makes this story looks dense.

You must know that all cosmetics that are used daily is the main source of chemicals in the body, instead of using these lotions; can skin care using natural recipes to get the most effective results, and without any side effects, and in this article there are many steps to keep Natural beauty of the skin without the use of make-up. Steps to increase beauty without makeup There are many steps that we must follow to show the beauty of the face without applying makeup, which is the secret of real beauty, because the application of makeup constantly prevents the skin from breathing, leading to premature aging and pale face and loss of freshness, so that many women come out only by layering layers of makeup.

Although there are a number of simple steps that show beauty away from the use of cosmetics, and contribute significantly to highlight the real beauty, the most important of these steps: [1] Eat a diet by eating some natural fruits and juices because they nourish the skin from the inside. Drink mineral water frequently to keep skin moist. Continuous skin care by applying special maskers to lighten the skin, making sure to wash the skin twice a day morning and evening. Keep away from direct sunlight. Eat fresh vegetables continuously. Adequate sleep gives the skin comfort and freshness. Eat all kinds of food in a balanced way.

The choice of a simple hairstyle that suits the face greatly affect the appearance of the beauty of the face without makeup. Highlight the beauty of your eyelashes by applying mascara. Highlight the beauty of the lips by peeling and moisturizing and put a simple gloss gives it shine beauty before going out. Teeth whitening and preservation to give a beautiful and charming smile. The use of ice cubes to massage the skin daily as it is a quick treatment for sunburn, and gives the skin softness and freshness, it also reduces the redness of the skin and stimulates blood circulation, which gives it radiance and freshness, in addition to it reduces the appearance of dark spots around the eyes and moisturizes the facial skin and increases beauty. Early aging, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Natural blends to make skin moist and supple Of these mixtures: Mix the mixture helps to tighten the skin:

Mix the amount of turmeric powder with the right amount of juice cane well, and then put the resulting mixture on the skin of the face for a quarter of an hour and then rinse with lukewarm water. [2] Mix black cucumber : Mix a quantity of cucumber juice with a spoon of rose water and a spoon of fresh cream, and whipped egg whipped well to get a mask, then apply the resulting mask on the skin of the face, and leave it for a quarter of an hour after rinsing with lukewarm water.

[3] Mask for skin freshness There is a lot of skin masks that maintain freshness, and the most important and best Almascat: [4] Mix half a lemon juice with two tablespoons of orange juice, three tablespoons of rose water, and one egg yolk mix well to get a mask, and then apply it to the skin. Honey Mask is one of the most important mask for the skin, especially for sensitive skin where it works to exfoliate and give it super smoothness.

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